Brazilian – Finnish research cooperation: Finding solutions for urban resilience to nature’s challenges

On November 28th and 29th, Brazilian and Finnish researchers gathered during the “Finding solutions for urban resilience to nature’s challenges” seminar. The workshop presented and discussed research topics related to urban adaptations to climate change and highlighted the contributions of the researches carried out in Finland and in Brazil.

In partnership with the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation (TEKES), the event discussed the contribution of research in the search for solutions in different aspects, such as ability of cities to deal with nature’s challenges and human interference in the environment.

The goal of the workshop was to incentive the development of new partnerships between researches in São Paulo and in Finland, as well as promote the results of researches supported by FAPESP on urban resilience, water resources, energy, meteorology and climate change.

The first day presentations mapped the changes occurred in different areas, focusing on the Brazilian reality and addressing issues such as urban resilience, water related resilience in the city of São Paulo, energy supply challenges and resilience in Brazilian cities, demography and urban challenges, air pollution and smart cities.  The second day focused on new needs for Research and Development as well as search for innovative solutions. Topics such as rainfall monitoring to improve flood resilience, landslides and droughts, urban air quality forecasting, resilience in agriculture and resilience to natural disasters were addressed.

The event was hosted by Carlos Henrique de Brito Cruz, Scientific Director at FAPESP, and Ari-Matti Harri from the Finnish Meteorological Institute and coordinator of the CITYZER project, which develops services and digital products to support decision making related to meteorology and air quality.

For more information of the CITYZER project, please go to


The Tekes, Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation programmes and initiatives are topical entities targeted at financial and expert service areas.

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